Sealy Posture Premier – Memory Foam Mattress

Micro Offset CoilThere are several coil configurations available in mattress manufacturing including Bonnell, Pocket/Marshall Coil, Continuous Coil and Patented Springs like the famous Posturetech® Coil.

Now, Sealy intntroduces a new coil system – the Micro Offset Coil – which will be featured in the Posture Premier range. This inclusion marks an enhancement in the benefits of Sealy’s Posture Premier mattresses by providing better conformance and improved durability.


Unique Coil System, Quality Material.

Unique triple offset design allows hinging action, enabling better conformance to the body shape while protecting the integrity of the spine alignment. In addition, the high carbon steel material boosts resilience of the mattresses.

Mattresses Made Better, Comfort Assured.

V-Guard Edge Support for stronger protection along the left and right edges of the mattress.


  1. Sealy’s New Micro Offset Coil is Cylindrical in Shape
  2. Triple Offset Design
  3. Knotted on Both Ends
  4. Made of High Carbon Steel
  5. Linked Together by Helical Wires


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