Want To Buy Mattress?

What should you look for in a mattress? Three things: comfort, support, durability, provided by a brand you trust. It’s that simple. To make things even easier for you, we’ve provided some mattress-shopping tips.

Comfort, how the mattress feels, is a matter of personal preference. What feels comfortable to one person may feel uncomfortable to another person. Therefore, whoever is going to use the bed should try several different models before making a purchase.

Surface comfort is determined by the UPHOLSTERY of the bed. Upholstery refers to the various layers of material between your body and the innerspring. Both the type and thickness of these materials will produce different levels of feel and therefore different degrees of comfort.

So you’ll need to determine your comfort preference. Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are available in the following comfort levels: firm, cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush. It’s important to note, however, that all Sealy Posturepedic sleep systems offer correct back support regardless of firmness.

Definition of Firm
Firm mattresses offer the least surface “give” and would be considered harder in feel to the other surface comforts.
Definition of Plush
Plush mattresses offer more surface “give” and provide a softer surface comfort.

Why Sealy is Best in Comfort

  • For more that half a century, Sealy scientists have been engaged in active research and development focussed on the needs of the human body at rest.
  • This R & D programme has identified and defined the role of conformability (comfort) in the elimination of pressure points, and has resulted in the introduction of patented comfort components such as StayTrue fibres and foam, Honey Comb Rail and Durabond.
  • Sealy works closely with its upholstery suppliers to ensure only the finest quality foams, fibres, and ticking that meet Sealy’s strict standards are used.

Sealy Comfort Components

Sealy Comfort Components

A fabricated foam layer with a sculptured, conforming zone combined with a firm perimeter, providing extra support around the edge of the sleep surface. Benefit: Eliminates pressure points in the sleeping zone and minimises roll out.
Sealy Comfort Components

A refined blend of natural, high quality wool with microfibre. Benefit: Balances the supportive feel of wool with softness. Pre-compressed to minimize body impressions.
Sealy Comfort Components

Fine siliconized fibre, blended with exotic natural fibres such as cashmere, alpaca and angora for extra luxury. Benefit: Supports and cushions your body in cloud-soft comfort with the added luxury of exotic fibres.
Sealy Comfort Components

High quality and high density Polyurethane foam. Benefit: Cushions and conforms to your body for a plusher, more comfortable feel.
Sealy Comfort Components

A SpaceTech material developed to keep astronauts comfortable in space by absorbing vibration. Visco-Elastic or memory foam moulds to body shape and recovers slowly – but perfectly – every time. Benefit: Improves body conformance and minimises partner disturbance.
Sealy Comfort Components

Densified polyester fibre pad. Benefit: A soft, high quality fibre pad for a plush feel. The pre-densification minimizes body impressions over the life of the mattress.
Sealy Comfort Components

Densified polyester fibre pad. Benefit: Latex is natural rubber, and has non-allergenic properties. Benefit: Moulds to body contours, relieving pressure points in sensitive areas such as shoulders and hips.

Sealy Posturepedic sleep systems offer correct back support regardless of firmness. This is the Sealy Posturepedic heritage, designed in cooperation with orthopedic surgeons and patented in 1950.

The myth “firmer is better” is not necessarily true. Your body type determines what comfort is better for you.

A mattress that’s too firm for your body will not support all parts of the body evenly, and may cause discomfort at the body’s heaviest parts, the shoulders and hips. The increased pressure on these points reduces blood circulation and will cause tossing and turning. This may result in a poor night’s sleep and a far less productive day.

A mattress that’s too soft for your body will not keep the spine in proper alignment. This will cause your muscles to work through the night straighten the spine, again leaving you tired and aching in the morning resulting in a less effective day.

We invite you to take the Sealy Comfort Test at your local retailer to discover the uniform comfort and support only the new Sealy Posturepedic provides. The best test for proper support is to lie down on the mattress and experience its support by lying the way you do while asleep. If you feel your body sagging, the mattress is not giving you enough support. Also, if you feel excessive pressure, the mattress is probably giving you too much support.

Support is a function of the Spring Unit in the bed. The innerspring is located in the center of the mattress. The type of support it provides depends on its coil configuration and design. Our premium mattresses use premium quality spring steel coils that are hinged together for conformance and stability. Solid edge support means you won’t feel as though you’re going to slide off the mattress when lying or sitting near the edge.

Why Sealy is Best in Uniform Support

  • Sealy’s patented, industry-leading Posturetech Coils senses an individual’s body weight and responds with the appropriate support.
  • Sealy manufactures its own Posturetech Coils to ensure that they meet our exacting high performance standards.
  • Sealy uses twice-tempered spring steel so the coils will return to their original height repeatedly over time for a consistent surface feel.
  • The Sealy R & D programme has identified and defined support criteria to ensure correct skeletal alignment. In fact, consumers rate Sealy Posturepedic ahead of the competition in terms of back support.

Examples of Sealy Support Components

Sealy Support Components

Sealy’s patented and proven PostureTech coil with a triple-offset design. Twice-tempered for extra durability. Benefit: Designed in conjunction with orthopaedic surgeons, it will give you the support you need.
Sealy Support Components

The most technologically advanced innerspring system, combining the SynerFlex surface with the PostureTech innercore – found only in Sealy Posturepedic. Benefit: Combines cradling conformance with the deep-down support your body needs.
Sealy Support Components

A firm polymer insert to the perimeter of the mattress innerspring. Benefit: Provides a firm seating edge and a sleep surface right to the edge of the mattress.

No doubt you want a sleep system that is going to last; therefore, durability is very important.

The type of upholstery materials, and the type of steel, and the design of the spring unit impact the durability of the mattress. For example, our coil systems are heat tempered twice, which helps maintain their shape so they last longer. Our Edgeguard and Base optimize the performance of the Posturepedic innerspring. The Sprung Foundation, however, provides the greatest measure of durability in a sleep set.

The purpose of the Sprung Foundation is to extend the life of the sleep system. It absorbs the major portion of stress and weight placed on the sleep surface. It works much like a “shock absorber” in a car’s suspension to eliminate stress in the mattress unit and prolong the mattress comfort life.

A worn-out Sprung Foundation can significantly shorten the life of a mattress. Not using a Sprung Foundation with your mattress can also shorten the life of the mattress. A properly designed Sprung Foundation provides strong support along with some flex.

Why Sealy is Best in Durability

  • The Sealy Shock Abzzorber Sprung Foundation is specifically designed to work with the Sealy mattresses to deliver the maximum comfort life.
  • The Sealy R & D programme has identified and defined the durability criteria to ensure that your Sealy Ensemble continues to deliver the “Showroom” performance year after year.

Examples of Sealy Durability Components

Sealy Durability Components

A ‘working’ foundation that absorbs weight and motion, built with two steel spines. Benefit: Torsion bar modules and an Interlock Grid Top foundation, with the addition of two steel beams providing even more durability and maximum Comfort Life.
Sealy Durability Components

A ‘working’ foundation that absorbs weight and motion, built with two steel spines. Benefit: Torsion bar modules and an Interlock Grid Top foundation, with the addition of two steel beams providing even more durability and maximum Comfort Life.

Be prepared

  • First, find a few reputable bedding retailers in your area.
  • Then, before you venture out, dress the part. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

Bring your partner

We encourage sleeping partners to shop together for a bed. Plan on testing a variety of mattresses to find the set that matches each of your comfort needs.

Do the Sealy Comfort test and let your body be the judge

Sit on the edge of the bed. Do you feel your weight being supported? Now lie down on your back for a few minutes with your feet off the floor. Relax, get comfortable. Roll onto your side all the way to the edge. The mattress should gently support and conform to your body at every point on the surface. You shouldn’t feel any pressure points. And remember, firmer is not necessarily better.

Buy the biggest, most comfortable sleep set you can afford

Start by testing the best bed and work your way down. (Also, to determine your comfort preference, start by comparing plush and firm beds.)A good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make, so buy the best sleep set (i.e., mattress and box spring) you can afford. Keep in mind that most of us spend as much as one-third of our time in bed. Your investment will cost just cents per night over the next ten years!

Ask the retailer about services available: delivery and removal of old bedding, financing, stain-resistant treatments.

Ask about the warranty and what it covers.